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Will Your Brakes Keep You Safe?

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle's safety system. They are the most likely to prevent a vehicle from being involved in an accident.

Brake service performed on a regular basis is paramount in ensuring your safety. The better maintained your vehicle; the better your odds are for safety.

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The brake pads are critical for your safety so you can stop strong. The brake lines should be sturdy so that the tension remains to ensure accurate breaking within a short system.

Brake fluid is also vital in smooth function of the braking system. Brakes will also not work effectively without good tread on the tires.

Developments in technology are making braking more efficient. Split second difference during braking on a wet surface or bringing a car to a halt will mean the difference between life and death.

Automatic braking systems are making braking easier and include algorithms that can make predictions and start reducing speed even before the driver does. Almost all vehicles on the market today are fitted with automatic braking systems.

Checkup intervals of your vehicle should be every six months. More traveled miles will require maintenance at shorter intervals.

Braking power could mean the difference between a few yards or seconds in stopping. That difference could be the crucial factor between life and death.