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Why The New MacBook Is Different

The new generation of Apple laptops has arrived. But this time, the "New Generation" label wasn't just about upgrades, but also about extraordinary changes in design and technology.

To design a case for a standard laptop, you'll need a lot of different parts. By doing so, you increase the weight, size, and potential problems. To answer this question, Apple took on the challenge of building a case from just one piece.

This goal may be intentional at first, but Apple believes it's worth the effort. The result is a new MacBook case made of only one piece of hard aluminium. if you are thinking of buying a new MacBook but can't afford it then don't worry. There are many companies of MacBook rental in NYC that provide MacBook on rent. You can get the details on the best MacBook rental in NYC via

Unibody changes the appearance of the MacBook. It gives the impression of a sophisticated and brilliantly designed laptop. The unibody feels very healthy too. Thanks to the use of aluminium, the new MacBook is 0.23 kg lighter than the previous model and can shave at a height of 0.34 cm.

Different production techniques

The plastic-like formation of homes is a thing of the past. Instead, Apple created a unitary body by combining it with a computer-controlled digital machine (CNC).

This machine is one of the most accurate production equipment in the world. Apple realized its potential and took full advantage of it. The sleep indicator on the new MacBook, for example, lights up on the back of aluminium. Apple achieves this by thinning the metal and drilling small holes through it.