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Why Should We Choose Daily Disposable Lenses?

Choosing the right pair of contact lenses is important for your eyes. Users have experienced new heights of comfort wearing daily disposable contact lenses, and all because of the following reasons:

You completely get rid of cleaning and storing your contacts every night as these one-day lenses (which are also known as en-dags linser in Norwegian language) can be thrown in the trash before going to sleep at night. In addition to this, you should not buy salt solutions or cleaning products that will save a good sum of money.

Disposing of the lens eliminates the opportunity of irritants such as dirt, hair, oil, etc. from getting transferred into the eyes. Even the lens storage containers can collect bacteria that can cause eye infections. Daily just give no chance to those eye irritations that occur.

If you used or bi-monthly lenses earlier, then you must know how it feels to wear contacts used. But in the case of daily disposable, you'll feel every morning wearing a new pair of lenses.

These lenses are not as thick as other lenses. Therefore, dailies are not at all visible. There's really no chance of pathogen build-ups on the surface of the lens you will have at the end of the day.

If your traditional lenses are lost, torn or ripped, it can cost a lot of money you should order a new pair and delivery will also take time. But in the case of daily disposable, you always have a new pair of lenses with you.

Daily disposable are handy for travelers too. Just put a box in your travel bag and trash the pair when you go to bed at night.