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Why Choose for Raw Organic and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

Most of you want to avoid saturated fat because it is considered harmful and can worsen conditions like high cholesterol, obesity, heart attack, Alzheimer's and many more. Coconut oil, which is high in saturated fat, may not feature in many of your nutrition conversations. You can find the best quality cold pressed coconut oil via Ostro Organics.

cold pressed coconut oil

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But you will start to realize that you were wrong and that all the naturally occurring saturated fats in coconut oil are nutritious and safe for everyone. They can help you fight various ailments and ailments and heal yourself naturally. Knowing all this, don't miss out on the many health benefits of this miracle oil and consider using it as often as possible in your life.

How different and special is organic coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil?

Crude coconut oil does not have a standard definition but is extracted from the fresh meat or kernels of organically grown coconuts over low heat to form an edible oil for cooking and consumption. It is as strong as macadamia or olive oil and contains about ninety percent saturated fat, six percent monounsaturated fat, and three percent polyunsaturated fat. 

You don't have to avoid them like other unsaturated and saturated fats because they literally consist of beneficial MCFAS (medium chain fatty acids). The rich saturated fat content in coconut oil makes it a food product with high thermal stability, providing a longer shelf life without the need for special storage or chemical preservatives.