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Which Type Of Pool Enclosure Is Right For You?

Most new pool owners believe all they need for protection is thick plastic, a tarp, or even a replacement. Technically, whatever you use to cover your pool can be considered a "pool enclosure". 

Basically, an enclosure is all you can use to cover your pool. You can also look for the best swimming pool enclosures for your pool.

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The enclosure protects against debris and prevents unsuspecting visitors from accidentally falling. However, this does not mean that all pool enclosures are the same. 

There are a wide variety of pool enclosure that vary in material, size, thickness, type, and purpose. Here are three of the most popular types of pool enclosures.

The net pool enclosure is exactly what the name suggests: a safety net-like device covering your pool. This special pool enclosure is not intended to protect against dirt or other foreign matter. 

The main purpose of this enclosure for your pool is to create a barrier between the water in your pool and small children who may walk too close to the edge of the pool and accidentally fall.

The mesh pool enclosures are another very popular enclosure for pools because they are woven wide enough to allow water to flow through the pool but dense enough to block trash and debris from getting into the pool. 

Net pool enclosures help pool owners save money on cleaning costs and time to keep the rest of the pool clean. The net allows water to move freely while keeping harmful materials out of the pool.