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What leads to Sewer Smell in the Basement?


There are many reasons leading to smell in the basement. Damaged to the sewer line, ejector pit being sealed poorly, dried out floor drains are a few reasons that leads to smell in the basement. Let’s focus on additional things that lead to bad smell from the sewer in the basement.

  1. Ejector Pit and Pump – Ejector pit is required to be sealed properly for houses that have overhead sewer line. Proper sealing leads to accumulation of waste water. However, if the sealing gets damaged or missing, bad smell starts entering the house.
  2. Floor Drains – One of the most common and number one reason that leads to bad sewer smells is due to floor drains. The smell becomes worse when the floor drains are not used properly which later leads to condensation. The floor drains are designed to work by trapping the smell on entering the house.
  3. Vents – If appliances and fixtures are not properly vented, then it can cause bad smell inside the house. Make sure you vent the bathrooms and laundry rooms properly to tackle this problem.
  4. Sewer Line – Another form of bad smell is when the sewer line is damaged. Moreover, the situation becomes worse in case the leak is located near the house leading to waste water entering the house. This type of problem can only be fixed by calling a professional plumber.

These are a few reasons behind the bad smell in the basement. Hire the best plumber in Coffs Harbour area to get this problem sorted ASAP.