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What is Teeth Whitening?

There are many reasons why someone might want to have their teeth whitened. Some people may want to brighten their smile for social or professional reasons, while others may simply want a more attractive appearance. Whatever the reason, teeth whitening treatments can be an affordable and convenient way to improve your look

Teeth whitening is a procedure that removes unwanted surface stains from your teeth. It can be used to lighten teeth up by up to two shades, which can make them look brighter and whiter. There are a few different types of teeth whitening treatments available, depending on your specific needs.

The most common type of treatment is the bleaching cream approach. This involves using a topical bleaching agent that is applied to your teeth one by one until the desired shade has been achieved.

You should keep in mind that tooth whitening treatments can take up to two hours to complete, so plan accordingly. You can also choose River Street Smiles for Affordable Dental Services & Orthodontic Treatment.

If you want to avoid using bleaching agents altogether, there are other options available. One option is laser whitening, which uses a harmless laser beam to break down the stains on your teeth.

This method is considered more effective than other forms of whitening, but it can be more costly and time-consuming. In addition, some people feel more comfortable undergoing laser whitening treatment in person rather than over the internet.