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What Is A VR Lens?

Vibration technology or Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology used in the camera. This technology stabilizes the movement of the lens that happens due to the shake of the hands.

While taking pictures, your hands may shake for various reasons. Because of this, the image you take will be out of focus. With this technology, the camera reduces blurry images caused by flickering. The HP Reverb G2 lenses are also one of the most popular VR lenses nowadays.

Even your image won't be blurry if the shutter speed is too slow. It works like noise-canceling headphones; this technology counteracts movement and balances it.

How do VR lenses work?

VR lenses are the perfect way to give you stunning, blur-free images. This VR technology only works with zoom or macro lenses.

If you look at the aperture options on the main lens, you will find that the aperture options are quite wide (1.8/1.4/1.2). And with this comprehensive aperture option, image stabilization technology is unnecessary. When this sufficiently full aperture is confirmed, your lens will receive sufficient light and the shutter option will be fast enough to avoid blurring options.

There are 3 types of vibration technology available. They are optical stabilization, dual and internal gyroscopes. All of these systems keep the lens sensor in the same position to remove blur from your photos.