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What Are The Symptoms Of A Tooth Abscess?

Intense pain, swelling, or the appearance of discoloration of the face and mouth could indicate that you have an abscessed tooth. Fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting,  and even endometriosis tend to be signs of a more severe abscessed tooth.

Some abscessed tooth sufferers have a sour taste in the mouth and notice bad breath or mouth odor. Occasionally people who have an abscess possess an open sore in the mouth that might be draining.

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Other symptoms include swelling of the upper jaw or lower jaw, sensitivity to cold or hot drinks or foods, dental or facial pressure. Occasionally victims of a dental abscess may experience swollen glands in the throat.

If the tooth's root dies as a result of the infection, the toothache may end, but the infection will keep on spreading and damaging tissue if not properly treated.

Therefore, if you've experienced some of the signs of an abscess, you need to see a dentist to make sure there's not an abscess and to prevent additional harm.

An abscessed tooth can lead to tooth loss, the spread of infection to soft tissue or bone, or sinusitis. The disease can spread to other areas of the human body, and cause Endocarditis, pneumonia, cerebral abscess, or other ailments.

Anyone who suspects that they have any kind of dental infection or an abscessed tooth should seek immediate treatment from a dentist. Without treatment, the infection is only going to get worse and the symptoms will continue to irritate you, sometimes even worsening.