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Using A Post Hole Digger With An Auger

If you have found a lot of holes to dig for a fence or anything else, then digging a post hole for a job will be the most effective way for you. If you plan to use one time for a large project, borrowing a post hole digger will be completed faster than digging holes by hand.

Posthole diggers are classified into two categories namely one-man and two-man post hole digger. Whether you are working on heavy soil and need a two-man machine, or are landscaping on your own, you can find an auger that suits your needs. You can also buy one-man auger by navigating to

For large scale jobs, you can also choose post hole digger with wheels. The addition of wheels gives you access to double the power – doing a two-man job by yourself. They also carry the weight of the machine to the ground, carrying tension on its back while digging and making it easy to transport.

As soon as you receive the device, you must:

Know where you are going to dig

Before starting, mark the center of each hole you want to dig. This will make the process a lot more efficient.

Can you dig it?

Keep your feet and shoulder-width apart, lift the excavator up and drop it to the place where you want it with the auger part running. Slowly allow the auger to be dug and when you reach the depth you want, pull it back and repeat to the next location.

Be safe

Keep your feet well away from the borer part of the excavator. Also, if you cannot lift the machine directly, consider a smaller model.