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Understand these 5 Basic Terms to Get Started with Commercial Printing

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Printing is an essential part of any business, especially the marketing segment. However, having no or less knowledge about the domain can cause miscommunications and erroneous results. If you are a newbie to the printing world, a quick vocabulary lesson might help you get started with talking value to the printer.

  1. Large Format Printing: It is also known as grand format and wide format in printing. Printers need unique equipment for big-scale print dimensions. It normally refers to material categories like wall posters, trade show signage, vertical or horizontal hanging banners, window posters, promotional signage, and pop-up banners.
  2. Substrate: Every printed design comes out on a base material that adds significance to it. Usually, it covers a variety of papers, textiles, foils, plastic films, plastic containers, glass, and metal.
  3. Die Cut: Die refers to a particular shape the final product should get, and printers use steel die. Thus, die-cut refers to the procedure of cutting a flat and thin material into the desired shape. The procedure is employed to create detailed marketing and promotional material and is expensive.
  4. Bleeds: When a design is printed, there’s a certain area that extends beyond the borders of the design. This area outside the design trim is the bleed. It is essential to leave a bleed space as it helps avoid bad cuts and print errors.
  5. Coatings: A protective material is added to the product after printing. The coating prevents the finished print part from damage. It includes essential commercial printing materials such as matte, satin, dull, grit, and glossy, selected based on the chosen substrate.

Besides, there are many more terms you should learn to get the best results from printers in Redland Bay.