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Two Kinds Of Barbecue Heroes

There are two kinds of barbecue people in this world; those who know what he is doing and the guy who thinks he has an idea of which end of the match to strike.

Getting the fire lit sometimes presents a challenge. To know about grills by america best appliances, LLC you can search the browser.

Take the curious case of a neighbor's attempted cookout which could have had disastrous consequences if not for Divine Intervention.

He is a guy who knows his way around a barbecue grill just enough to be dangerous to himself and folks around him. He has a large ego but he hasn't learned much about grilling. After the fire is lit, he thinks he can out cook anyone in the neighborhood.

My neighbor lit the charcoal in his grill.

After waiting 30 minutes or so there was still no smoke rising from the briquettes. My brilliant friend decided that the best course of action was to toss a little gasoline on the now-dead coals. The trouble with this line of reasoning is that all the coals were not dead.

He had just filled up the container with gasoline and there were a full five gallons in the can. Blissfully ignoring the dangers, he lifted the gas can and poured.

Flames shot out from under the pile of charcoal and followed the stream of gas into the can he was holding. The fire erupted from the metal container!

Thankfully there was no explosion. He threw the can up against his house, which was another bright move. While they were waiting for the arrival of the fire department, they evacuated the house and tried to smother or drown the flames pouring out of the gasoline can. Nothing worked.