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Tips for Making your Dana Point Beach Picnic More Enjoyable

Whether you’re heading to Dana Point for a day of beach-trotting or a full-blown day of sun, beach picnic bliss awaits. Whether you’re packing your own sand bar and shells or bringing a warming dish from home, these tips will make your day at the beach that much more enjoyable.

1. Plan ahead. Arrange your seating before you head down to the beach. Not only will this save time once there, but it’ll also keep things organized and tidy. Plus, who doesn’t love a relaxing seaside picnic without any drama? You can also get help from professionals to arrange the picnic party at the best beach picnic area in Dana Point through Table & Eve.

2. Bring along some games to keep everyone entertained—from classic charades to newfangled party games like bocce ball or frisbee toss—and make sure to pack some extra napkins, towels, and water bottles in case of spills.

3. Bring a bright and cheerful cloth to lay out your food on, and consider setting up a little table for snacks. Plus, if there’s something you particularly love to eat at the beach, by all means, bring that along too!

4. If you’re planning on cooking your meal over an open flame (aka a campfire), be sure to gather all of the necessary materials—including wood chips or kindling, a lighter, and protective glasses/covers—before heading down. And don’t forget to bring a first-aid kit in case of any injuries!

5. And finally, remember to have fun! The beach is meant to be enjoyed—so let loose, relax, and enjoy the company of loved ones while basking in all that California sunshine has to offer.