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Three Effective Destructive Forces

In this article, you will become more aware of the three destructive forces that sabotage you and keep you feeling stuck in a rut. These forces have keeps you away from the passionate life and aims. 

This is just only for seeking your attention so that you may be able to become aware of them, and then do something about them. For getting more information about the destruction cycle you can also visit

Destructive Forces

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Inaction is the first destructive force that makes you feel stuck in a rut. Inaction has the capability to get you exactly where you are and stops you from moving ahead in your life. When you let these destructive forces do not act to stop you from your track then you are slowly dying a little every day.


Indecision is a blood relative inaction, they work together very well. Hesitations keep you in a constant state of "do not know what to do for the best". When doubt rears its ugly head, then it puts you in the stuck situation and makes you afraid to move forward with something new in your life. It takes away all your personal power and leaves you totally in the feeling of helplessness.


Frustration is a destructive force that keeps you in the feeling of stuck in rut. When you are stuck in this force then it seems almost impossible for you to find the way out of the cycle of inaction, confusion, and frustration. Frustration undermined the mindset of taking the actions and leaves you in a state of overwhelm.