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The Contradiction of Video Game Addiction

Video game or internet addiction is a controversial idea, unlike other behavioral addictions where certain drugs do not require treatment. Many experts still hold onto the idea and deny that video games are a serious disorder or addiction. Also, do not forget that internet addiction is taken into account in such symptoms and circumstances. You can search more details about video game addiction treatment via

The Contradiction of Video Game Addiction

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While research on video games has shown some disturbing effects, especially among young players, there is a lack of long-term research and insufficient evidence to conclude that overuse of video games is addictive.

Also, warnings from groups such as the American Medical Association that believe video games are potentially dangerous must compete with the video game industry's aggressive marketing, whose own research, unsurprisingly, has shown no ill effects.

The idea of overuse of video games, or rather addiction to computer games, quickly spread throughout the industry, enticing children to buy as many games as possible. Among toys and television, young people find it difficult to regulate their gaming habits and they tend to overdo their gaming habits.

It is also not recommended for inclusion by the American Psychological Association. However, the American Medical Association has been reluctant to recommend adding "Internet / Video Game Addiction" as a formal diagnostic disorder in the next edition of the manual.

Gaming or online time overdose is similar to other addictions in terms of game time, strong emotional attachment to an activity, and patterns of social distress experienced by gambe addicts. Like other addictions, game addicts also play and this interferes with the social routine of living with friends and family.