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How Talcum Powder is Linked to Ovarian Cancer

Talcum Powder has been used for decades as feminine hygiene products. Unfortunately, routine use has been associated with the development of ovarian cancer which is deadly.

Ovarian cancer is a particularly aggressive type of cancer that begins in the ovaries but quickly spread to other parts of the female body as cancer grows.  There is a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer as it is said that talcum powder causes cancer.

In fact, of all reproductive cancers, ovarian cancer is the most deadly. When women use talcum powder on sanitary napkins, genital area, and tampon, the powder particles can travel through their reproductive system and into their ovaries.

These particles become embedded in the ovarian tissue, causing inflammation, irritation, and harm to DNA, which allows the expansion and development of ovarian cancer cells.

A number of studies dating back to the 1970s have found talc particles in ovarian tumors of women who regularly used the powder as feminine hygiene products.

Many women have begun litigating Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of Shower powder and Johnson's Baby Powder comprising the most common products-.

This lawsuit claims that Johnson & Johnson knew the dangerous link between the use of products for women's health and ovarian cancer and failed to warn consumers of the dangers. More than 1,200 individual lawsuits and at least two class-action lawsuits have been filed so far.

Some cases have gone to court, and the jury has given the women and families of the deceased woman who died of ovarian cancer millions in damages-including compensation.