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All About Arduino And Bipolar Stepper Motor

Interfacing a stepper motor to an Arduino is totally different than connecting a dc motor to the board. It is pulsed in a precise way for the rotor to spin and stepper library is built into arduino code. A unipolar or bipolar is connected to the digital pins of the arduino board takes one revolution clockwise and one revolution counter-clockwise.

It is easily interface with arduino board’s easily through enhanced sketch and can also edit as per requirement. Moreover, if you wish no delay in its revolutions, set delay to some minimum value for example, delay 10.

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Users can also change revolution steps and can spin for a long time. While driving unipolar spins in one direction and easily controllable. Secondly, motor spins in both directions and different speeds which are better controlled through potentiometer. it can be easily seen in floppy drives and are easy to control.

There are few steps which depict interfacing of arduino board with the stepper motor online. First of all, for driving motor, synchronous signals are sent to the six connectors from which one is power (VCC).

Then an analog input and driver is connected to the board carrying some value of potentiometer. The chip contains many transistors which are housed neatly. The chip operates at a higher current than the controller in arduino board.

Bipolar stepper motor

A bipolar has one winding per stator phase and a two phase bipolar motor has four leads. There exists no common lead so current can’t be reversed through the winding.