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Greatest Places To Shop In Singapore’s Little India

Singapore's Little India is a bustling region that's a whole attack on every one your senses. The sights, scents, and tastes put your senses on overdrive. It is one of the very authentic cultural enclaves in Singapore and thus is a huge tourist attraction.

Whenever you are in Little India, One of the best approaches to do it all is to hunt around the many markets within the area. You can get the best food online through

Below are a couple of the top places to find in Singapore's Little India.

Tekka Market

The Tekka Market located Directly with the Little India MRT subway station is one of the crucial public wet markets working in the area. Recently, it has experienced substantial renovations to revamp its decaying insides.

Considering that the renovations are completed, it is back in flourishing and business as normal. Here you are going to have the hawker center with stalls that largely serve Indian meals. But that being said there are still some Chinese and Malay food stalls there.

Mustafa Center

The flagship Mustafa Center Located on 145 Syed Alwi Road is only one of Singapore's most famed discount department stores. You can get discounts on gold watches, electronic appliances, vegetables, and fruits, and also obtain a discount on a tailored suit!

Sim Lim Square

Not really in Little India, but Only situated across the street from it, is the Sim Lim Square. That's pretty much the electronics mecca of Singapore, where many sellers selling all sorts of electronics are packed into one construction.

If you are coming back to Singapore, then make certain you experience some purchasing in these areas. The experience is well worth it.