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How to Apply Sunless Tanning Products

Recent studies have revealed that indoor tanning is even worse for you than was originally thought. The bulbs in tanning beds can cause deadly skin cancer. But if you're like many people, you probably love looking tanned. There is an alternative though, and that's using best sunless self tanner for face.

They are cheaper to use than a tanning bed, and they can even give you a healthy glow without risking cancer. They are sometimes a bit difficult to apply, so you'll want to be careful, to avoid streaking and blotches.

When you are using self-tanning products, remove all your clothes first, so you don't discolor them, and to have full access to all areas of your skin. It's much easier to get a tan that is even if you're not wearing clothes.

Do not apply sunless tan products with your hands. The lotions will stain your hands orange, and even if they didn't, using your hands makes it harder to get an even tan. Instead, apply three lines of sunless tanning lotion to a sponge, on the longest side. Make sure all the lines are roughly the same width, and that they go all the way from one end to the other, of the sponge.

Glide the sunless tanning lotion on the sponge up your leg. Be sure to keep it firmly on your skin, and use a fluid, smooth motion. Start at your ankle, and stop when you are just past the knee. Then use the same motion to encircle your whole leg.

Reapply the self-tanning lotion to your sponge, keeping the lines somewhat thin, and parallel. Repeat the steps above on your upper leg, starting above the knee and stopping inside your thigh, at the top. Then add the sunless tan product to your sponge and do your other leg. If you notice extra tanning product on your skin, smooth it upwards with your sponge.