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Know More about Trailers

A trailer is an attachment to a powered vehicle, as in a caravan tied to an automobile. It is generally an all-purpose utility vehicle to transport goods and can double up as accommodation on road trips or during travels.

The terms 'trailer' and 'caravan' are both used interchangeably to denote mobile homes, recreational vehicles, and trailers for travel. All of these have limited facilities for living, camping, etc. You can also browse online to know about TJ’s quality RV storage & repair services in Concord.

Today, in the western world there are some trailer park trailer housing in the suburbs and areas close to the main cities; during the financial recession last decade, some homeowners are mortgage foreclosed by the banks have to find temporary accommodation in the trailer home.

Trailer types

• Small trailer attached to an electric vehicle or a car with the right hitch used for personal purposes or for the needs of small businesses. It can be drawn with pick-up trucks and vans

• large trailers carrying cargo attached to the so-called semi-trailer truck – eg car hauling, heavy equipment, containers from the port harbor, etc.

• Utility trailer comes in several varieties shaft so that they can be drawn with a different size of the tow vehicle

• Tracker-trailers used for agriculture and agricultural purposes

• Campers or travel trailer is also designed in a single or double shaft type. their size can vary from small, medium and large.

• A very special trailer like a generator and driving trailers are also used for an electric vehicle towing.