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What Is Root Canal Therapy In Alexandria?

Root canal therapy involves treating the inflamed pulp tissue from a diseased or infected tooth. This pulp tissue consists of blood vessels and nerve tissue. Each tooth has its blood and nerve supply.

This pulp tissue is located in the narrow space in the middle of the tooth root. These spaces are also known as single root canals as central incisors or as multi-root canals as molars. 

When the pulp tissue becomes irritated or damaged due to prolonged carious activity of the tooth or due to shock or traumatic injury, pulp infection usually occurs. This infection can be acute or chronic, depending on the initial circumstances that caused the infection or injury. In this case root canal treatment in Alexandria, VA is required from a dentist.

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One of the most common causes of tooth nerve damage is trauma. The injured tooth may initially become loose, painful, and eventually hard, but then change color (darken). The teeth that are usually involved in this type of situation are the front teeth of the jaw (maxilla) and, less often, the front teeth (mandible).

If you have ever noticed that one or more of the other front teeth are dark, you can assume that there is a tooth that was traumatized. Dentists refer to this type of tooth as non-vital, chronically infected teeth without painful symptoms.

An injured tooth can remain inactive and chronic for years without causing pain and therefore do not require immediate treatment. Meanwhile, other traumatized teeth can lead to acute situations where root canal treatment ASAP is required.