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Use Reusable Cotton Rounds To Remove Makeup And Clean Skin

To keep the earth clean, you must be considering more than recycling or composting. One very effective change that makeup lovers can make is to get rid of the single-use makeup that removes cotton round. In the end, the beauty industry produces an estimated 877 pounds of waste each minute, so there's lots of room to improve at each stage.

It's much more simple than ever to swap off your disposable makeup removal pads to reusable LastRound via LastObjectNZ. In the long term, reusable rounds are less expensive and also less wasteful. If you think of the waste produced by cotton rounds you're likely to imagine the final result that is landfilled. 

Mei Apothecary Reusable Soft Facial Rounds With Machine Washable Bag - 14pk : Target

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However, the environmental impact is far more significant. It takes more than 5,283 gallons of water to make just 2.2 tons of cotton. There's also the plastic packaging that you'll receive every when you buy round sheaths. The elimination of single-use cotton pads from your life reduces waste and decreases plastic and water waste.

How do you make the switch to cotton rounds that can be reused:

Reusable rounds offer the benefits of cotton but without loss.

Cotton has a soft texture, which means it's comfortable and it's extremely rare to develop an allergy to the fabric. Reusables' care varies from one brand to the next.

Cleanse after each use. 

Cotton rounds that are reused aren't likely to cause breakouts, provided you the facility to clean them. If you don't wash them after every use, you could get an accumulation of dirt, sweat, or makeup. Your pores can become clogged and suffer from breakouts. Although there are many brands that offer a machine washable option but washing them manually using a gentle cleanser will make each pad last longer.