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Why Do You Need A Condo Retro-Fit Program For Water Saving?

With the new condo retrofit program, homeowners will be able to save water and money. The government is urging citizens to get this done for their homes before the summer season starts.  The Water conservation solution such as the new retrofitting building program is a great way for people to save water in their homes. The program helps people make simple changes in their homes that can create big water savings.

Here Are Some Of The Ways That The New Condo Retro-Fit Program Can Help You Save Water:

1. Replace old, leaky fixtures and hardware with new, water-saving models.

2. Replace damp carpet with hardwood or tile floors which will reduce moisture buildup and leaks.

3. Install low-flow showerheads and faucets to conserve water while you are taking a shower or using the toilet.

4. Choose Energy Star appliances and fixtures to conserve energy and save on your monthly utility bills.

5. Increase your attic ventilation to improve air quality and reduce moisture in your crawlspace and basement.

6. Install a dehumidifier or a dedicated dehumidifier for an isolated area, such as a basement, closet, or garage that is not used for the rest of the house.

7. Eliminate non-flushable toilets and install low flush toilets in bathrooms where excessive water use is occurring.

When you're ready to take on your water-saving challenge, you'll want to know about the condo retrofit program. The program provides a variety of resources and funding sources to help make your retrofit easy and affordable.