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Buy Blood Pressure Monitor Online

To use a blood pressure monitor, the actual cuff is placed tightly around the person's arm. It has to be healthy to get a good read, and can be uncomfortable at times.

The hands should be in the same place on the body as the heart so the person is sitting normally and the hands should be raised and supported.

That's why the blood pressure gauges you see in pharmacies come with an elevated chair and tube, because the arm must be placed inside the cuff at heart level.

It is also important that the correct cuff size is used for each person. You can also use and buy pulse ox tester at

If the cuff is small, blood flow will be severely restricted, resulting in inaccurate and, in many cases, high readings. Similarly, if the cuff is large, the reading will look much lower than it really is.

A cuff for blood pressure monitor is a part of a medical device used to measure a person's blood pressure. This is important because both high and low blood pressure can be a sign of a more serious medical problem.

A blood pressure monitor consists of a cuff to limit blood flow and a manometer to display pressure. Blood flow restriction is performed to allow the instrument to read the pressure, so the cuff is an important part of the entire operation.