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Security Tips for Residential Doors

Protecting your house from any intrusion and theft must be done as a first priority. One of the common threats faced by home was a robbery and how to minimize this risk is to make your home difficult to enter. With enhanced security, you can reduce the possibility of theft and prevent it.

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Exterior door is a security door that offers protection to shelter you from theft and vandalism. It is important to secure these doors with the highest potential.

Front exterior gates should be set up with one-inch deadbolt locks. Door hinges do not have to be outside and if it is, you have to remove them and put them inside. If nothing is done, the thief can easily penetrate by pulling down the hinge pin.

Replace rotted and old door frames with new. Doors with glass panels to be reinforced or replaced or secured because it is easy for a thief to break the glass and reach the door handle and open the door. Doors must be made safe by installing decorative grilles on them with non-removable screws.

A bent iron doors should be installed over the front or exterior doors to provide visibility and offer maximum security.