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Things You Should Know About Playground Surface

Playground surfaces made of materials that have high efficiency to absorb shocks on a daily basis when children are playing in the playground . It prevents them from injury.

The other fact is that the absorbent material in the playground often becomes less effective after years of use so that you should change them or use high-quality playground surface material. You can get more information regarding playground surfaces through


We must consider the fact that there are not many natural substances that meet the specific needs to be a shock-absorbing material that is perfect for playing surface.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is commonly used in the flooring surface of the playground. It consists of components like small chips of wood and bark but in reality, the rubber is the main component used to make mulch so that the product becomes very soft and prevents a child from injury.

Rubber mulch is also environmentally friendly and inexpensive to purchase. Rubber is also commonly used to make mats, blankets, and tiles that can be utilized in various places in addition to the playground, such as the gym floor and martial arts ring.

Polystyrene Chips

If not because of the durability, the polystyrene would be our top choice. Polystyrene is a lightweight, easy on the eyes with a lot of colors and products made of polystyrene to stand strong against the beating from harsh weather conditions for months and even years on end.