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The Future for Wood in Landscape Design

The use of wood in construction, especially from trees that we like, is misunderstood. We like to use imported cedar which is planted abroad or in places that have no connection, but gives someone the choice to use wood such as Oak and it is not uncommon for someone to raise their hands in horror. We tend to understand the importance of tropical logging, but do not necessarily understand the importance of sustainable forestry.

There is also the value of trees above and ‘wood architects online’ (which is also known as ‘tre arkitekter online’ in the Norwegian language) whether it is a landscape, for recreation or to support the lives of wildlife and plants. But history shows us that the importance of trees to mankind is often a building material.  

At the end of the 20th century, wood seemed to be ignored in architecture but not so in its use in the landscape. Gardeners use a lot of wood in the garden, always have and will always do it because of the ready supply and unique ability to blend with the landscape.

Garden designers have a short date with concrete for a variety of successes but often return to wood for unique quality and resonance with the landscape. Park buildings, boundary treatments such as fences, bars and obstacles, tools and furniture all include wood in their production so that to cover every aspect will be monumental but there is a new trend in wood that transforms its use and new ideas that are feasible for us.  

Garden designs have been characterized, as are so many designs, by contemporary modern aesthetic ideas that began with the use of manufacturing materials such as concrete but in recent years it has moved towards a softer approach.