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Network Cable Connects Your PC With The World

Networking means working through a support network or the Internet. When two or more computers are connected to each other to transfer data and exchange information, it is called a NETWORK. This term has become the basis of communication with the Internet. This makes the task of communicating fast and easy.

Previously, you had to wait a month for the call. There is a large telephone line. Using a network cable now makes calling easy. Now you can easily contact your relatives in other countries.

There are many types of cables, eg. LAN cable. optical cable, etc. Cables are used according to the distance the user wants to send data. LAN cables are used on short-distance networks, and optical cables are used for long-distance calls. You can get the help of professionals for network cables in NYC. To know more about network cables in NYC visit

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LAN (Local Area Network): – As the name suggests, it is used for short communication. It is often used to create a network between computers in the same room, or preferably to set up a network between computers. Hence, it is also widely used in multinational companies where computers are widely used.


Optical cables are often used to build long-distance networks. Because there is a multinational company with its head office in NYC and Los Angeles. You want information from headquarters. But the distance is very far. And if someone sends it, it will take a long time. So this cable is used here. It can transmit information over a wider area without destroying the information. And it's safe too. Saves a lot of time when travelling.