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The Future Of Digital Marketing In India

Digital marketing emerged in 2006 and has grown exponentially since then. The benefits of low costs and high returns multiply.

Perhaps most important, there are benefits to targeting which are simplified through social media algorithms. You can also contact digital marketing consultants in India at

In other words, you no longer need to group and reach out to certain socioeconomic groups that are likely to persuade you to buy your product or service, but you can know exactly who is looking for your product or offer and is involved.

Brands can now have a deeper and more precise view of their target groups, their behavior, and their preferences. In general, digital media can be described as the dreams of advertising agents and marketing managers.

In addition, social media are interesting because they do not react to economic fluctuations. During and after the demonstration in November 2016, the digital marketing world remained largely untouched, while advertising agencies and other marketing channels were hit.

When other industries struggle with an 8-10% growth rate, the digital advertising industry is booming with 35% growth. Expert studies have shown in the future that social media will remain here.

A favorable paradigm shift

A recent survey by Adobe found that 59% of consumers in India were more interested in digital media ads than TV and radio ads. There is a certain paradigm shift in the minds of consumers towards digital media, not only in big cities.

In the past 10 years, skepticism about everything that is only available on the Internet has subsided and has been replaced by the efforts of internet companies and advertising agencies with a love for the convenience of online shopping, etc.