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How to repair cracked or Leaky Basement Wall

A lot of damage can be caused by water leaking into a basement. This can also cause mold growth, which could lead to health problems for those living in the home. It may even require an expensive mold contractor's help to get rid of it. It is important to address any water seepage issues in the basement as soon as possible. 

Leakage of the foundation wall is a very common problem in basements. This is especially true for older properties. There are many reasons why basements can leak, so it is important to find the cause of the problem and healing cracked or leaky basement wall on time.

repair cracked or leaky basement wall

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Leaks that are caused by plumbing problems must be fixed. To do this, call a plumber. In most cases, however, the problem is due to poor drainage around the house. This can be solved by ensuring that rainwater is directed away from the foundation wall through water downspouts and soil grades around the home.

First, inspect the drainage around your house. Walk around your house after it rains to check for areas where water puddles near your home. Pay particular attention to areas that have leaks in the basement.

You may need to correct the soil quality around your house. The soil should slope away towards the foundations to allow rainwater to drain away from the house and not collect against the foundation wall. You can build the slope with sand or soil and then rake it away.

Leaky or cracked basement walls can cause significant damage and lead to mold growth. It is important to fix this problem as soon as possible. First, you need to eliminate any drainage or plumbing problems. Then, you will need to patch up the wall.