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Errors & Omissions Insurance Policy Exclusions

Errors and omissions insurance, sometimes referred to as professional liability insurance or E&O insurance, is designed to shield you from a claim by a client for negligence or omissions that you commit while providing professional services.

If you suffer an insured loss this policy will pay the cost of legal defense and any settlement which must be made to the client when it is determined or decided by a court to be your company’s negligence was the cause. You can also avail errors and omissions insurance through sites like

Errors & Omissions Insurance for Media Companies | Media Professional  Indemnity Insurance

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Although E&O insurance has saved a lot of companies from going under, it is crucial to realize that E&O policies typically contain specific exclusions.

The insurance company won’t protect you from any expenses arising from the claim that is not covered from the policy’s coverage which includes intentional torts or unlawful acts in addition to numerous disputes between businesses.

A Common E&O Policy Exclusions

Here are some of the most commonly used E&O exclusions. This list is pretty general and doesn’t pertain to any specific insurance company’s policy. Certain of the items listed might be covered under one insurance policy, but not by another.

In general the majority of cases, the policies of professional liability insurance don’t include:

  • Fraudulent and dishonest, criminal or unlawful acts, such as the willful breach of any regulation, law or statute

Services you may provide for the benefit of another organization, company, or charity that isn’t listed in the policy as an insured

  • Haftung for claims against and on behalf of other insured under the insurance policy (i.e. If your partner sues you or your company and the policy is not liable, it will not be held responsible).