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Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage for the Steel Industry

The carbon capture steel industry is the technology to separate the carbon dioxide which is released by industries and steel plants. Carbon is captured and then transported to a particular place. It will store for a longer time. The main purpose of carbon capture is to help in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that make an impact on global warming. This method is mainly applied in big plants. The smoke coming out from the chimney will be separated using scrubbing pure carbon. Various companies are working in this environment. You can visit if you want to explore more on carbon capture for the steel industry. 

The steel industry has reduced greenhouse emissions over the past few years. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a global challenge that requires a global solution. The steel industry believes it is very important to be actively engaged as we continue to strive to move towards a low-carbon society.

The mission of Dastur Energy, which works in the carbon capture steel industry, is to help steel producers transition to low-carbon emissions steel through viable mega-scale solutions across the entire steel production value chain. 

Dastur energy helps companies that has its roots in engineering large-scale industrial systems across the world. Dastur was founded in 1955 and has worldwide operations across South Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, and North America. Dastur Energy leverages the engineering and operational synergies of the Dastur group of companies to develop robustly, and world-class energy solutions integrating concepts, business models, technology design, and engineering.

The study suggests that Carbon capture technology plays an important role in reducing C02 emissions. These benefits help in reducing the climate-related damage to human health, by 74% for PC, 78% for IGCC, and 68% for NGCC power plants with CCS, compared with conventional power plants without CCS.