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Best Way To Train Puppy

For a dog lover, there is perhaps no bigger joy than bringing home a new addition to the pack. The important thing to remember is training is not supposed to be something owners and dogs dread, but rather the opposite.

How to coach your dog?

Training a dog gives the canine much-needed direction and a place in the pack, while also offering a chance for both the dog and owner to do some much-needed bonding.

Moses, Author at Your Dog First - Page 2 of 2

The first behavior or "trick" a dog should learn is to respond to the sound of its name. Now this may seem very self-evident, but the sooner the dog is able to recognize its own name, the sooner the real learning can begin.

A puppy is much like a baby in that they have no prior experience or training, so anything they are witness to at this point will serve as their experiences. With this in mind, do try and make it as positive an experience as possible. Remember, having a puppy is supposed to be fun.

Again, like children, dogs have rather short attention spans. Because of this, try not to put the dog through marathon lessons, but rather short little sessions. This will prove to be more valuable for the dog, and much more practical for the owners.