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Cork Flooring Is The Best Option Around For Durability And Aesthetic Value

Cork has been used in a variety of capacities for thousands of years including flooring. The reason behind is its magnificent characteristics that are found naturally in cork and are considered the perfect alternative for flooring.

Corks have taken from the bark of the cork oak tree. Cork can be harvested after the tree is 25 years old. In addition, because each of the cork oak trees can live to more than two hundred years, cork is a renewable resource, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers. You can also find out the several options of cork flooring via to beautify your homes.

Bedroom:Cork Flooring Bedroom - Perfect Choice For Durability And ...

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How Durable Is Cork?

You may wonder if cork really strong enough for flooring options. In reality, cork possibly one of the strongest flooring alternatives obtainable on the market these days! Cork far less influenced by the collision. Therefore, cork is able to stand up to more than one form of usage and exploit more than any other type of flooring.

In fact, cork is highly resistant to pressure. When you drop heavy items on the floor tiles, they are prone to cracking and breaking. However, with a cork floor, the item will not leave marks. 

What about water?

Cork is composed of a natural substance known as suberin. Suberin is a type of wax material that forms the cork impermeable to liquids and it will not decompose if it comes in contact with water such as wood or laminate. This property makes cork flooring a superlative option for the kitchen or bathroom area.