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Creating A Commercial Kitchen

Creating a commercial kitchen is not as simple as buying cooking equipment and arranging it together. Commercial kitchens need to be designed to increase efficiency, maintain safety and cleanliness, and thus increase profits.

There are several aspects to keep in mind when planning a kitchen. Here are a few:

Equipping the Kitchen

To begin with, the kitchen will need at least one cooking range, stove, oven, and microwave oven. The kitchen will need stainless steel appliances such as gastronomy containers, hot plate dispensers, hot cabinets, server units, trolleys, trays, and cabinets. You can also get the best commercial kitchen supplies via

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Ensuring Safety

Commercial kitchens require a lot of equipment as well as humans, and everything can be rushed during meal times. Extra care must be taken to ensure that the kitchen is safe for workers, minimizing the possibility of accidents.

There must be adequate lighting throughout the room, and designated areas for storage. The material should not be left lying on the floor because it can cause slip or fall.


Maintaining cleanliness in commercial kitchens is difficult unless there is a well thought out procedure. Dry and wet ingredients must be stored separately. All utensils must be cleaned before cooking begins, and the floors and counters are cleaned thoroughly.

Personal hygiene (among staff) is as important as maintaining cleanliness in the equipment itself. All safety and hygiene procedures must meet the standards set by the Health and Safety Executive or local licensing authority.