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Know About Certain Types Of Glasses

Glass is manufactured with a certain COE, only products labeled as compatible tested when using the same COE number need to be fused. The most sought-after glasses are the 90 COE and 96 COE. COE 90 can fuse only with another vessel of the same COE, not with COE96.

COE 96 is the same, it needs to be fused to another piece COE 96. Generally, fusion of incompatible parts can cause an item to crack.

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To create unique and elegant pieces, you can also use special enamels, paints, and decals that fuse. To create amazing results, many artists color glass and bake their creations in the oven.

Many artists love to incorporate metal pieces into their designs. Some of the most popular metals include silver, palladium, gold, palladium, sterling silver and copper.

Every metal reacts differently to heat, producing different colors when fused with glass. This gives you beautiful products. Dichroic glass is one of the newest materials. It is used in both handmade dichroic jewelry and glass beads. The vivid colors of glass can change their hues depending on how they are viewed.

Dichroic glass can be coated with various metallic materials. This glass produces vivid, bright colors when heated in the oven. Glass heats and cools at different rates than metal coatings, so no two pieces will be exactly the same. This gives rise to unique fused dichroic jewelry.

Dichroic glass jewelry is well-known for its rich colors. It is used to make earrings, bracelets and rings as well as hair clips and molten pendants. Many glass studios offer classes in glass. DVDs and books on art glass fusion are also available. You can find many great glass supply shops online.

Art glass fusion is something you should consider, you can make art glass jewelry, plates or coasters as well as Christmas decorations in the glass furnace.