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CASA and the Regulation of Drone Flying in Australia

drone training CASA

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is synonymous with aviation safety and security in Australia. It’s under the supervision of CASA that the Australian skies are monitored and regulated, ensuring the safety and health of all the aviation enthusiasts. As drone flying falls under the category of aviation activities (Technically speaking, a drone is called Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAV in short), and therefore, it’s CASA that lays down the rules and regulations that are required to be followed while engaging into drone flying all over Australia.

It is important to note that it takes some technical expertise and industry knowledge to understand the CASA’s rules and restrictions for drone flying. A CASA drone training would help you understand all the rules of the land you are expected to observe while navigating your drone in the Australian airspace. Such training would have CASA certified instructors who would familiarize themselves with you all the health and safety aspects of drone flying. A word of caution: Never engage in flying drones if you are not familiar with all the guidelines issued by the government, for the fear that you might endanger your life and also of others. In short, there is potential damage to life and property if you are unaware of all the necessary guidelines.

Thus, help CASA regulate aviation safety in Australia by enrolling into a drone training that gives you holistic knowledge of drone flying, including the knowledge about health and safety standards required for drone flying.