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Information Regarding Different Type Of Stylist

A stylist is a creative position that collaborates with clients, makeup artists, art directors, and photographers in order to come up with the visual concept of the project. It is indeed their job to make people look at their best. Here are the different types of stylists:

Fashion Stylist – This is a person who usually supplies as well as curate the clothing and accessories for all the models on a photo shoot. You can also visit AKO verified fashion & lifestyle professionals.

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Oftentimes, they borrow clothing from various designers and are accountable for the care, pinning to fit, and steaming of different garments. There are also times when they have teams of people who work under them.

Wardrobe Stylist – This person provides and curates the accessories and clothing for the actors in a commercial, movie or photoshoot. In general, she shops for clothing rather than make the costumes.

Costume Designer – This individual sews, designs, and oversees all the customers for a certain film or any other project.

Personal Stylist – This is a person who independently helps people in shopping and curating their closet. Also, she defines the client's image. In case you would need a wardrobe overhaul, ask your personal stylist to check out your wardrobe.

Image Consultant – To become a certified image consultant, you have to attend as well as complete training in shape and color analysis. This will help you to understand the science behind what will look good on people and why.