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How Good Animated Explainer Video Accelerates Conversion

There is a conversion tactic used by many businesses to increase conversion rates, the eminently powerful – animated explainer video.  A good marketing world is about simple innovation and innovative thinking. Back to the saddle period, ordinary people used to only rely on the manual. But there are more shortcomings than the benefits that come from using the manual.

For example, as a user whenever I try to search for a particular section, I always have to go through each and every page and sometimes, each and every paragraph. It's always all the more tedious. And even after finding the relevant section, the process of reading never stops. With good animated explainer videos, on the other hand, it's such a relief as they convey rich information in an engaging manner.


Animated explorer video just tells you, "What do you guys do"? It efficiently explains and demonstrates a company's business model and that sweet place where the company is currently. And this way, it aptly explains a company's value proposition.

An explainer video is a secret conversion weapon

Once when explainer went directly on the internet, not many knew what 'explainer videos' offered the users. Experts ensure that in the first month the video received more than 10% increase in conversion rates. Needless to say, it was watched over a little over 750,000 times in the first month alone.

A good animated explainer video is a combination of speeches, text and graphics. This is an optimistic fact that people retain 50% more by watching videos. They are more persuasive and interesting. The concept of forced simplification comes into play. With animated explainer videos you are constrained to explain your product in less than 300 words. And 300 words amounts to less than 2 minutes. These videos are great attention grabbers because they convey more with very little text.