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How To Play The Coin Master Game?

You can easily play the game directly through the easy to read the guidelines below.


At this time, when you only get three hammer symbols, it would only mean that you will shortly get attacked. You can easily attack the opponents of the village. However, you will only get one chance to do this.

Although, after attacking the village of your opponent, you will instantly get so many free coins. And of course, if you want to get too much money, then you have to expand the village level. You can also click at the coin master free link through to get free spins and coins online.

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If you get a higher village, it is likely to receive a higher reward. Meanwhile, one important factor is that the opponent can easily protect their villages with the help shield. And if they protect their villages or have a shield, then you will only get a few coins.


At this time, only when you receive 3 piggy symbol, then this will only mean that you are going to attack the opponent village.

You will only get a third possibility, nothing more than that. You can easily collect a lot of money simply by raiding the village’s opponents.

· Shield

Whenever you receive 3 symbols shield, which simply means that you can easily get a protection shield. While you will be able to collect three shield up every time. In this way, the shield will be here to protect the village from an opponent's attack.

Things You Should Know About Coin Master Game

Coin Master Game has been keeping ahead in the different age groups in mind. It is very popular with children and adults. The gameplay is very simple; you need to spin the wheel and get a different item.

The items that you get from the spins will determine the outcome and progress of the game. The game is free to download but contains in-app purchases are different forms of the game store items. You can also collect coin master free spin link today.

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You can use Google Play Game Card Gold or Apple to purchase different items from the shop. When you start the game, you will receive some coins on your game account. You have to buy the Village which will cost about 60,000 coins game.

Every time you build something in your village, you will receive one star. You need to get 20 stars that will allow you to move to another village.

After building the village you have to put the name you want for your game account. The current account is the game will change your name.

On the other hand, you can also connect using your Facebook account which will give you a lot of bonuses in the game. After completing basic needs, you will be directed to swipe the mobile screen, which will show the slot machine.

Initially, you will be allowed with eight free spins, after completion of this spin you will get five free spins every hour.