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Table Cloth For Protecting Table Cleanliness

The protective material can be used to protect the tabletop and any physical items that are placed on it. Table Protector is the name of this protective shield. There are many options available that you can find here to fit your budget and application. The table cloth is the simplest and most popular table protector.

1) Table Cloth

The most common type, and widely accepted as the cheapest protective material for tables. It is basically a piece made from cotton. There are many designs and colors available, but the most common ones are white, pink, and red. 

The downside to cotton tablecloths is that they can easily get stained and dirty from spillage. It is also difficult to clean up. Modern technology allows for the use of PVC as a tablecloth coating. PVC is a synthetic material and is durable and easy to maintain.

2) PVC cloth

PVC cloth can be used on many occasions today as an alternative to cotton cloth. It is inexpensive and disposable. It is lighter and thinner than cotton cloth. 

It performs the same function as cotton cloth and can withstand heat from beverage containers. PVC cloth has the advantage of being easy to clean after a meal. This keeps the dining table tidy.