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Suing The Government For Personal Injury

Sometimes the person at fault in an accident is not the person or corporation, but the federal government. Because the government makes and enforces laws, it has some special protections, but they can still be prosecuted.

The most common suit brought against the government for injuries is a negligence suit. When you can sue the government, the example would be that the postman walks into your car, or you were injured by a government agent.

To sue the government, you have to use a piece of legislation called the FTCA – Federal Tort Claims Act, which places some obstacles before an injury lawsuit.

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The Federal Tort Claim Act is basically the same thing: the government decided when they would allow you to sue. So before a personal injury lawsuit can be filed against the government or a federal employee, you have to determine whether your cases fall under the FTCA.

Once you file a case, the agency will review the case within 6 months and claim to accept it (accept the claim and pay the money) or not, in which case you will have 6 months to file a lawsuit. The second 6-month deadline begins after ruling your claim. If they have not responded in 6 months, you can choose to proceed to court. Once it goes to court there may be some legal rules applicable to the government, but in general, the process works like any other.