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Some Miniature Painting Tips

1. Prime black to paint faster

It is easier to add contrast with a darker colored base on a model. For example, you can use a black primer base to perform zenithal highlighting. Other methods for speed painting do involve brighter primers, such as the use of Citadel Contrast Color paints.

But, even so, if you start with a black primer, painting techniques are generally much simpler to apply, e.g., highlights application with dry brushing technique. If you want to purchase citadel paints online, then you can simply go to this website.

2. Prime gray or white to the public and advanced painting techniques

For the traditional painter, a blank canvas (or paper media) is often a bright color. For a miniature painter, a good tip to apply traditional painting techniques just follows how the painter 2D work. Use bright primary colors from which to miniature painting your job and workflow becomes natural as you practice.

3. Spray a better primer than a brush-on primer

Primer spraying allows you to evenly coat the model in a thin layer. You have a lot of control by spraying a light primer. And, because its primer is atomized into small particles, you run the risk of generating bubbles is almost zero.

4. Use the first gloss varnish that helps prevent clotting of matte varnish

There are a number of reasons for how the gloss varnish will reduce the risk for matte lacquer frosting (see here). In traditional art techniques, gloss varnish provides a foundation that protects the underlying paint from potential environmental insults that can occur at the top.