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Silent Meditation For Depression

Many times we need professional help to get through long winter months. We want to add and adjunct to therapy; something we can do for ourselves during this time.

I want to add an additional therapy; something that we can do for ourselves over the years. I ask that you first consult with your therapist to see if they think this would be beneficial. If you do not have a therapist, use it wisely. if you are looking for the best meditation then you are at the right place because at awakened mind, we specialise in all types of guided meditation.

Silent Meditation For Depression

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Start with the practice of meditation. Sit in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes. Be aware of all your senses. It just felt like seat wraps around your body.

Feel the head and neck. Whether they are supported by their chairs or upright and true? Is your head heavy or light? Does your neck feel tight or relaxed? Is it comfortable? Feel chair on your shoulders.

Is there support? Is the envelope seat them? Feel seat curve and how to support you. Feel your arms. Are they on your lap or on the armrest? Can you feel it? Feel your spine. Does it feel supported?

Whether straight or crooked? Are supported? You can relax? Feel buttocks. Is firmly seated in your chair? Can you find support? Feel your thighs. Are they supported? Feel your feet on the floor. Whether they are flat on the floor and supported? Now relax into the chair.