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Scuba Diving In Thailand – World Famous Diving Location

Thailand is one of the most famous scuba diving adventure site in the world. Dive sites range from pinnacles to submerged rocks to softer sites with coral gardens and sheer walls. Diving in Thailand has something to offer every level of diver. With its huge diversity of creatures and a wide range of diving locations, Thailand has become one of the most popular dive sites in the region and the world.

Thailand has a number of popular diving destinations and these will offer a wide range of well equipped, highly experienced dive centers. You can also look for the best and adventurous places for water diving in Thailand via

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The dive centers will offer a wide range of leisure trips from day trips to full live on boards as well as all the training you will require from open water to diving instructors.  Phuket is probably the most famous location in the region which has excellent dive sites which are reachable within a day of Phuket, bust if you really want the best diving in Thailand then a trip further afield is a must.

Places such as Similan Islands, Burma Banks, and the Mergui Archipelago are the finest dive sites in South East Asia and are a must-do for any diver. These typically involve life on board. On the West side of Thailand in the Western Gulf have a different type of diving and have become very popular as locations to learn to dive.

Islands such as Koh Tao have developed an entire tourist business around diving. Today Thailand has become a world-class beating dive destination and large numbers of overseas divers from countries. The sheer diversity of marine life and terrain as something for all levels of divers ranging from beginners to the more experienced. The wide life also ranges from big whale sharks, mantas to the smaller micro stuff such as sea horses.