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Refrigerator-Freezers – Convenient Combination Units

Refrigerator-freezers are practical combined refrigeration units. These allow the user to have both the refrigerator and the freezer in the same place.

On top of that, imagine the amount of energy that would be saved by installing a combined unit rather than a different freezer and refrigerator! You can opt for best freezer room hire service in Perth for any of your event like birthday, wedding, etc. They can provide the coolrooms to your location any day of the week.

There are various refrigerator-freezers available on the market. These can be classified as single door units, bottom freezer units, top freezer units and side by side refrigerators.

One door refrigerator-freezer is a refrigerator with a common door for the refrigerator section and the freezer section. Inside the unit, there is a small freezer section on the top and the lower section has shelves for storage. The bottom of this unit has a crisper for fruits and vegetables.

Top Freezer refrigerator has two doors, one for the refrigerator and the other for the freezer. And, the freezer section is on the top. In the case of refrigerators with lower freezer, the freezer section is located below.

These refrigerators with separate freezer sections are very efficient. Since the freezer door does not open as often as single-door refrigerators, cooling is fast and efficient. Those who have freezers on the ground would be even more efficient.

The other types are side by side freezers. These have two doors and also have a sliding drawer for suitable storage. These are also known as French door refrigerators. Some of them also have a dispenser that allows the user to dispense water without opening the door.