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Reasons Your Drains May Be Blocked

One of the most common causes of blocked drains is hair. When you wash your hair in the bathroom or shower, your hair falls, which is really normal. But over time, this hair is trapped in the sewer and this can result in serious blockages, which cannot be resolved without the help of a blocked drain service provider.

Other causes of clogged sewers are planted. This happens to your waterways outside, where weeds begin to grow and enter the piping and as a result, the water you empty does not have a way to pass this plant. They grow solid and you are stuck unable to remove water in the sink or shower. You can hire the best drain cleaning services at

Then in the kitchen, the biggest mistake you can do is wash oil in the sink. What you don't realize is that oil will accumulate in piping and can cause serious blockages, which will require a blocked drain service to be removed. Always get rid of oil using a carton or an old bottle rather than throwing it into the sewer or toilet to reduce the risk of disposal of your exhaust as a result of the future.

So many people make mistakes by dropping a toothbrush, earbud, deodorant, and more to the toilet. After this washed, they can cause serious damage to piping and as a result, they can cause blockages. Make sure you keep all the toiletries away from the toilet and just clean the toilet paper, never feminine, cotton, diapers, or other foreign objects that can cause blockages.

What you might not realize is something as simple as a storm with a lot of rain can cause your sewer to block. This is very common in wetter removed when a storm flows struggling with the amount of water, rinsing dirty water and debris into your piping which causes unwelcome blockages.

The damaged pipe can cause blocking too. When water does not have a place to go, it can cause water to not be removed from your sink and basin. Damaged pipes can be easily and effectively repaired by a professional plumber, improve the situation without too much disliked delay.