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Reasons Why You Should Use a 360 Degree Virtual Tour for Your Marketing

1. Attract attention to your listings

80% of the list in the online market is of poor quality, either no or limited visual representation. A virtual tour of the property not only provides a factual and accurate representation of the list, usually among the first few listings to be clicked when the buyer scrolls down the page.

2. Human such as interactivity

An interactive virtual tour is more likely to interest the viewer, not through long-winded videos that simply show what the agent wants visitors to see. By being able to pan and zoom on a walkthrough of the property, buyers are more likely to spend more time exploring the list. You can get live broker virtual tours from various internet sources.

3. No duplicate

See the virtual tour can convince the buyer is a list of unique and buyers will not fall into the trap of seeing the same listing twice or contacting an agent with the same list.

4. Priority over other agents

Similarly, if they have seen a virtual tour of your list, they will not take the trouble to look at the same list with another agent, thus giving you priority over other agents marketing the same list.

5. Safe buyers

Once the buyer has contacted you more than any other agency with the same list and makes an appointment to see, you will have secured a buyer and therefore able to serve the buyer even if he does not end up buying lists that you advertised.

6. Impress client

The buyer the seller may own or have friends who are sellers, and may only have the property for you to market. When they were impressed that you are willing to go the extra mile in your marketing efforts, you might just be rewarded with a new listing.