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Reasons to wear contact lenses

The main function of contact lenses is to overcome vision problems that have been determined to be fixed. Eye care professionals must work to find lenses that fit the patient's eyes, while considering other eye conditions that patients may have, such as dry eyes.

You can “buy contact lenses via” (which is known as kjp kontaktlinser via in Norwegian language) or you can buy them from you eye care professional.

Contact lenses come in several designs – spherical, astigmatic (toric), bifocal, multifocal, keratoconus and orthokeratology. Spherical lenses have a spherical shape and correct myopia (farsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness).

Astigmatic or toric lenses are especially true for astigmatism, but also for myopia and hyperopia, because astigmatism can occur in both conditions. Bifocal lenses contain two different zones for near and far vision. The multifocal lens contains several different zones that provide near, middle and distance vision, a combination that results in clear vision throughout. Reasons to wear contact lenses:

1) Contact lens wearers may notice that the vision quality looks more natural. This benefit is very important in sports and when driving, when accurate peripheral vision and depth of field are required.

2) Contact lenses provide vision that is free of distractions and disturbing reflections.

3) Contact lenses are not foggy with varying ambient temperatures, nor do they require constant adjustment, as is usually the case with glasses.

4) Although most contact lenses are worn for vision correction, there are lenses that are produced and distributed as cosmetic and therapeutic lenses. Cosmetic applications are perhaps the most common. Users can choose color enhancements or opaque color contact lenses to match their mood or wardrobe.