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Panties – Getting the Perfect Fit For Your Body Type

You might think off-hand that getting underwear that fits was just a matter of choosing your size, the style you like, and getting checked out. In truth, getting maternity underwear that fits perfectly is often a lot more challenging than that.

Is there one piece of clothing more important than your panties? If you get the wrong fit, you’re going to be uncomfortable until you find an alternative. In one of the stupidest moves of all time, I first bought a small G-string one summer. I slipped it under some jeans and went out for errands all day.

So, what’s involved in finding the right underwear? The goal should be something that is comfortable and doesn’t move. To do this, you should focus on two measurements – your waist and your hips. A panty that fits snugly around the waist is useless if it slides over your hips in an unwanted way.

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The perfect panty has a few common characteristics. The waistband should fit snugly, but not be binding. If it leaves a hot red line around your waist, you need to go up a size. Your waist, by the way, is a natural crease on your body. Many women choose a spot on their hips facing down. One trick to finding the waistline is to lean on your side. The crease line created is your waist.

The area where your panties run around your body is an area of ​​great confusion for women. Let’s be clear – some panties don’t fit some women. You might like boy shorts, but find that they pile up around your hips. If so, you’re going to be far more comfortable in high-cut underwear that drapes over the top of your hips. This will create a more comfortable fit that you can live with rather than constantly pulling on your side.

As far as the front to back between your legs, the rule is simple – no extra space. The panties should ride flush against your body. If you find it slipping backward, you may be wearing a size smaller than one. If you find that it is getting baggy in the back, the opposite may be true as well. Try to find something comfortable in your hips and then go up and down in size to find a perfect match.